Libs Vаndalizе Trump’s Hotеl With Disturbing Mеssаge, So Trump Tаkеs Somеthing Prеcious Of Thеirs

After Donald Trump won the election the left went into an absolute meltdown like nothing we ever have seen before. Instead of these liberals accepting the results of the election they began to create alternate theories as to why Trump won. One of those theories is the Russian collusion narrative that the mainstream media, Hillary Clinton, and rabid leftists have clung to in a last-ditch attempt to impeach President Trump. For months they have beat this drum harder than a Keith Moon drum solo, however, nothing has ever come of it. Now, as their hopes and dreams fade away of impeachment they have turned their attentions to violent acts across the country. These alt-left thugs have taken to destroying Civil War monuments, vandalizing property, and attacking Trump supporters to a bloody pulp. Now, these violent leftists have defaced Trump Towers with a nasty message for all to see, so Trump responded in a way that should get their attention.

It is one thing to protest and voice your concerns against the government, but it is quite another to spread lies because you just don’t like their policies. One of those lies that the left have been spreading is that President Trump is a racist and a supporter of the KKK. No matter how many times that Trump and his supporters condemn the violent acts of those in white supremacist groups the left continues to push this lie.

Last night, these rabid liberals took it to a whole new level in their insane protests against President Trump, by posting this disgusting message on Trump Towers. “The President of the United States is a known racist and Nazi sympathizer,” the message says. “This is not a drill. We are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy. #Resist.” A liberal rag entitled the Opposition Report reported on this vandalism and instead of condemning this they, of course, praised it.

This message, while accurate, is not entirely fair to Mr. Trump. It completely fails to give him credit for being a misogynist, a traitor to the country, for being a creepy old man who by his own admission wants to have sex with his daughter, and for having the most horrifying dead eyes ever stuck in a human being’s skull. At this point, there is no question that Donald Trump is bad for America. Even Republicans are beginning to admit it. Now it’s time for them to take action to remove him from office before it’s too late.

Well, these leftists may have been laughing about their antics this morning, but they won’t be for long after what Trump just ordered. The Department of Justice has now issued a search warrant to the web host provider Dreamhost demanding the IP addresses of those connected to an anti-Trump website. Of course, the web host is pushing back saying that it goes against free speech, but they fail to miss one important fact. Free speech, of course, is protected but not when it is used to incite violence against others.

Here is more from The Wrap: Web hosting provider Dreamhost is pushing back against a Department of Justice search warrant demanding the company turn over 1.3 million IP addresses connected to an anti-Trump site.

The DOJ is looking for Dreamhost to share information from visitors to — a site that has organized protests against Donald Trump, including his presidential inauguration. In its search warrant, the DOJ calls for Dreamhost to provide emails connected to the site, as well as subscriber information and “names, physical addresses, telephone numbers, and other identifiers.”

Dreamhost’s general counsel, Chris Ghazarian, said in a blog post that he’s taken issue with the search warrant for being “a highly untargeted demand that chills free association and the right of free speech afforded by the Constitution.” The blog post continued, “Internet users have a reasonable expectation that they will not get swept up in criminal investigations simply by exercising their right to political speech against the government.”

The Los-Angeles based service said it has worked with the DOJ on the request for months, but its possible infringements on web users’ First Amendment rights “should be enough to set alarm bells off in anyone’s mind.” Dreamhost has challenged the DOJ’s request, and a hearing is scheduled for Friday in Washington. hasn’t been active since February. Its name refers to J20, or Jan. 20 — the day President Trump was sworn in as commander-in-chief.

“A diversity of tactics is vital to accomplish a vibrant disruption of the inauguration,” reads one update from the site earlier this year. “We support the right of all attendees to feel safe and empowered while expressing their opposition to the Trump regime and the fascism it represents.” The site provided maps, “organizing resources,” and an “organizing fund” for its visitors to use for its protests.

No one has any issue in this country with protecting free speech, but what these leftists are doing is not considered free speech. These people are violent liberals who are inciting discourse and creating more division in this country instead of working together. If they want to continue with these violent acts then they must be investigated as well as anyone who is involved with a hate group. Maybe then they will see there are consequences to their actions and law and order will prevail once again. H/T [ ]